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TRIUMPH - TRIple Pill vs. Usual care Management for Patients with mild- to - moderate Hypertension SLCTR/2015/020
Phase II clinical trial - the effects of extract of Costus speciosus (thebu) on hepatic insulin resistance and biochemical profile of patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. SLCTR/2015/019
A Randomised Control Trial of Virgin Coconut Oil in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Dementia (VCO-AD Study). SLCTR/2015/018
Effects of vitamin D supplementation on metabolic derangements among Obese Children: A Randomized Clinical Trial SLCTR/2015/017
Comparison of efficacy of ultrasound guided bursal injection of triamcinolone compared to autologous platelet rich plasma in improving pain and range of motion in shoulder impingement syndrome SLCTR/2015/016
A randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of selected health educational methods on improving uptake of cervical screening in a population of women in the Puttalam district SLCTR/2015/015
Effect of a selected health education programme on metabolic control among patients with type 2 diabetes SLCTR/2015/014
A randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of cognitive behavior group therapy compared to a wait list control in the treatment of university students with social phobia SLCTR/2015/013
Effects of Vitamin E Supplementation on the clinical outcome of Dengue Fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever in Children SLCTR/2015/012
The efficacy of Costus speciosus leaves on the postprandial glucose surge in healthy subjects; a clinical trial SLCTR/2015/011

- Protocol changed - Trial completed - Progress reports not updated - Retrospective trial - Duplicate registration